It’s The Weeknd’s birthday so he blessed us all with a new video featuring Drake

Twenty-seven years ago today, The Weeknd, ne Abel Tesfaye, was born. To celebrate, the R&B crooner has gifted us all with an unexpected video for the song “Reminder,” off of his latest album Starboy.

The video, which can be found on VEVO, is a subdued glimpse at what is probably a normal day in the life of Tesfaye. Of course, there are women draped in expensive furs, fancy cars and whatnot, but the best part of the video is the unexpected cameos.

YG, A$AP Rocky, Bryson Tiller, French Montana, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin and more make appearances in the video, but the reunion of Toronto’s most famous stars is what’s really makes this a birthday treat for us all.

Drake and The Weeknd were frequent collaborators early in their careers but have since had a vague public relationship that never quite escalating into a full blown beefbut never necessarily returned to the buddy-buddy terms they once occupied in 2011 when The Weeknd was seen by some as Drake’s protg of sorts.

All that aside, look how happy they are.

OVOXO might live on after all.

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Donald Trump won’t fill out a March Madness bracket, which isn’t surprising at all

If you hadn’t realized by now, Donald Trump and Barack Obama are very different people. Here’s your latest evidence.

Trump will pass on Obama’s annual tradition of filling out an NCAA March Madness bracket, the Washington Post reports. Obama, a basketball fanatic, made his predictions with ESPN each of his eight years in office.

When ESPN invited Trump to complete a bracket on-camera, the White House declined,but expressed interested in working with ESPN down the road, according to the Washington Post.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who’s watched Trump’s early interactions with the world of sports. Sure, during his first month in office he’s played golf and touted the New England Patriots, even (correctly) predicting them to win the Super Bowl.

But take a look at how his Super Bowl viewing party differed from Obama’s.

One looks like a posh wedding. One looks like the ultimate sports viewing experience.

It’s still early, but Trump doesn’t appear to be the sports fan Obama is.

Obama embraced American sports perhaps more than any other president before him. Of course, he went about the customary traditions of his predecessors throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game, inviting championship teams to the White House but Obama took his passion for sports even further.

Image: giphy

In addition to his men’s March Madness bracket, he also filled one out for the women’s tournament. He stayed aboard Air Force One for 10 minutes to watch the 2016 NBA Finals conclude. He could shake hands and talk shop with every member of a team, even throwing in the occasional trash talk.

He tuned in for the nation’s biggest games, like the Women’s World Cup Final in 2015.

So many times, when politics and sports collide, it feels like a publicity stunt. But with Obama, he genuinely seemed to be just another sports nut. His fandom gave him everyman appeal. Some say he used that as a campaign prop.

Prop or not, it worked.

Obama and LeBron James.

The jury’s still out if Donald Trump will do the same. To his credit, though, Trump’s busy first month in office hasn’t left many chances to interact with the world of sports.

But with the Super Bowl over and Trump passing on a March Madness bracket, the early results don’t look so good.

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The ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ correspondent whose clever commentary you need to see

Nazeem Hussain is one of the correspondents for Bill Nye’s upcoming Netflix show.
Image: nazeem hussain

Bill Nye has a new talk show coming to Netflix called Bill Nye Saves The World, and along with it comes a new team of correspondents.

The team features the likes of Karlie Kloss, Derek Muller and Emily Calandrelli, but it’s Australia’s Nazeem Hussain you really, really need to familiarise yourself with.

A Melbourne guy of Sri Lankan descent, Hussain’s a proud Muslim and having studied science at university, it’s a solid bet he’ll bring the strong banter to Bill Nye’s show.

A fixture of the country’s stand up comedy scene for ages and a host of a few television shows, Hussain is acclaimed for challenging stereotypes and mistruths around race and religion with clever social commentary, boundary-pushing public pranks, over-the-top characters and affecting personal stories.

You might’ve seen him around as his character, Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam is Hussain’s character who presents as a stereotypical Muslim cleric, first appearing on the hilarious TV show Salam Caf. Here he is visiting the majority anglo-saxon Melbourne suburb of Frankston, to see what they “know” about Muslims.

Or impersonating Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

He’s a master of incredible skits on his show, Legally Brown.

But he’s also an excellent stand-up comedian too. Both on his own…

And as one half of stand-up duo ‘Fear of a Brown Planent’ alongside fellow comedian Aamer Rahman.

While Hussain will be saving the world soon with Bill Nye, he was saving taxi drivers first.

Or showing how hard people try not be racist… kinda.

And alongside fellow Australian export, The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng, he’s been teaching people how to dance…like a white guy.

In conclusion: Get ready to fall in love with Nazeem Hussain, world. That is, if you weren’t already.

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